It's December, and, as 2016 comes to a close, it's time to open submissions for this year's writing cycle. 

This year, we're all writing about the definition of success in our work -- whether with our students or with other stakeholders -- to share the experience of education with as broad an audience as possible.

While the news lately has been often confusing, sometimes discouraging, and always very, very loud, it doesn't seem to tell the stories of the people we know and the communities we serve. You work all over the country, in different types of schools, with a wide variety of students. We believe it's important to the future of our world to bear witness to what we see as we work to help young people understand the world through the lens of STEM.

Whether you've been polishing your essay for months, or you had to rip up and start over recently (or often), or whether you're moved to write in this moment with the "breathing room" that winter break affords -- we want to hear from you.

Listening to teachers reflect on what they've seen and what they believe is always useful. In December 2016, we hope that it can do measurable good in improving a dialogue about the different strengths and needs of young people across the country, and more importantly, what we all have in common.

The submission link is posted below -- we're asking for final submissions by January 3, 2017. We look forward to reading your words. And then sharing them with as many people as possible.




Kirstin & Stephen


2016 Unity & Diversity Essay Submission - "How do we measure success?"